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01 February 2018

It's time to talk about good relationships

It's time to talk about good relationships
February 1st marks ‘Time to Talk’ day, an initiative led by Time to Change to encourage people to talk about mental health.

As we’ve seen from our Housing Horizons health campaign throughout January, housing associations across Wales are running projects to improve tenants’ mental health, combat isolation, and establish social networks. These schemes bring people together and also help those who have experienced adversity to develop confidence and social skills.

Building and maintaining healthy relationships- whether in a professional, platonic, romantic or family orientated context – gives people a positive boost in their lives. Unfortunately many people are in toxic and harmful partnerships, with statistics showing a quarter of women in England and Wales will experience domestic abuse in their lifetime.

That’s why this week Hafan Cymru is launching its ‘Good Together’ campaign to celebrate the benefits good relationships bring. When a duo or group of people are identified as being 'good together' it often means they feel mutually safe, happy and respected. The campaign aims to inform people about healthy relationships and signpost those in difficult circumstances to appropriate services and specialists at Hafan Cymru.

Their wide range of projects and services in Wales include:
  • A domestic abuse related service to support women, men and their families who hneed in-depth help to overcome any form of abuse. Hafan Cymru’s team support people to develop life skills that help them regain their independence and live well.

  • Men's Sheds, a project that supports men to form community based groups to combat isolation and loneliness.

  • Spectrum, a project offering training in schools to help children, teacher, staff and parents understand the importance of healthy relationships and tackling domestic abuse. This ensures everybody knows where they can find help.

  • Accommodation and support for vulnerable people with a range of complex needs (such as mental health issues, learning disabilities, drug and alcohol issues) to maintain healthy relationships and live well.

To find out more about ‘Good Together’, see Hafan Cymru’s website here.