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06 December 2019

How becoming a board member can give a better overview of the sector

How becoming a board member can give a better overview of the sector
John Rees became a Board member with Tai Ceredigion two years ago as a way to develop his skills. He tells us how his role has benefitted him professionally.

“I have been a finance manager with Coastal housing for four years, having started working in finance for the private sector, before moving into the third sector.

“My job roles previously have been quite different however I have found similar themes between finance in the third and private sectors. My current role at Coastal is much more varied and covers many more areas including regulations, housing grant allocations and understanding the challenges tenants are facing.

“I applied to become a board member with Tai Ceredigion, to help broaden my knowledge on how housing associations operate, but also to bring my own experiences to the table.

“Being a board member means I can be more strategic in my day job with Coastal, and gives me a better overview of the sector.

“I’m really enjoying my role on the board, we are a group of people from all different backgrounds who aren’t afraid to challenge each other, but work together to find solutions. I’m a firm believer that there is no I in team, and that’s true of the board at Tai Ceredigion, we are all on this journey together.

“It’s important to mention that I wouldn’t have been able to take up the role of board member without the support and encouragement of my employers at Coastal Housing. The role may not be paid, but it has been invaluable to my professional development.”

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