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21 November 2019

Housing then and now

Housing then and now
Angela first started working in housing in 1981, over the last 38 years, she has seen housing associations adapt to meet the needs of tenants.

She shares her story:

“I first starting working in housing in 1981 as a repairs clerk with Cynon Valley Council. Over the years, I have held a number of roles and most significantly I was here when Trivallis was established in 2007.

“After many years working in front-line roles, looking after maintenance, neighbourhoods and tenants, I went back to university to learn more about supportive housing, and understanding the way people behave, leading to my current position as Deputy Director of Neighbourhoods.

“I am incredibly privileged to work in housing. Our tenants often lead challenging lives, and it’s rewarding to be able to build their trust and hear their stories. I work closely with them to make sure that the services we provide work for them.

“When I first started working in the sector in the 80’s, we did what we thought was best. Fast forward 30 years, we work closely with our tenants to make sure that our services are shaped by their needs

“The housing sector can be hard work, but it’s one of the best jobs you can have. Trivallis work in areas that have suffered genuine poverty, and in many cases, continue to do so. Being able to work on the day to day practicalities with tenants, as well as offering training and support to help people back into employment is an invaluable opportunity.

“I am from the Cynon valley, and continue to live here so it’s great to work in a sector that gives back to local communities in a very real way. I have an opportunity to influence on a higher level too, being able to make a genuine difference and contribute in any way.

“Two tenants have really stood out for me and represent how worthwhile the sector is to work in. Joan moved into sheltered accommodation with us when her husband went into a care home. She presented at a housing conference, bringing the delegates to tears as she spoke of the difference sheltered housing made at a time when she felt at her loneliest.

“Another tenant, a former headmistress, joined our board as Chair, influencing decisions so that services provided could make a real difference to tenants.

“I’m looking forward to seeing where the next 30 years will take us, and how we can continue working alongside our tenants to make a difference.”

Housing associations have a vision of a Wales where good housing is a basic right for all. See our vision here.

Lots has happened since Angela started her career. See our timeline from the last 30 years here:

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