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05 November 2021

See the work Tai Tarian is doing to go net zero

See the work Tai Tarian is doing to go net zero

As world leaders gather for COP26 in Glasgow, CHC is highlighting how housing associations across Wales are doing their bit to tackle the climate crisis.

In 2019 Tai Tarian committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2030 and aims to ‘change our behaviours today, for the generations of tomorrow’.

Its work is building momentum, and last year was recognised nationally for its work on sustainable housing.

Tai Tarian believes behaviour change is one of the greatest challenges associated with decarbonisation. In tackling this challenge it has created a culture where staff are empowered to talk openly and honestly about climate change. In fact, 50 of them represented the company at the Global Climate Strike events in Cardiff and Swansea in 2018.

In turn this awareness and behaviour change is extending to tenants, as they play a critical role in delivering Tai Tarian’s vision.

Elsewhere, all new homes built recently have been built to EPC A standard and have a focus on a fabric first approach (as like Pobl Group), combined with many new technologies currently available, making them as energy efficient as possible.

Its most ambitious development project is ‘County Flats’, which has just got underway, creating one of the most environmentally friendly communities in Wales. The scheme combines the retrofit of 72 existing properties, whilst integrating 55 new build homes using modern methods of construction (MMC) and using the latest environmentally friendly methods, including natural fibres such as sheep’s wool and mycelium for insulation.

With over 9,000 existing properties, Tai Tarian’s retrofit programme is huge. Since the company’s creation in 2011, its carbon footprint has reduced by an impressive 33%, largely thanks to investment of almost £3m over the last year to install external wall insulation, double glazing windows and solar panels where possible. These works plus other initiatives will see the association save around 470 tonnes of carbon, every year.

In the last two years Tai Tarian has planted more than 2,000 trees and completed over 90 community projects to enhance open spaces. It aims to plant 200,000 more trees in years to come, reducing its carbon footprint further.

Recognising more can be done, Tai Tarian continues to learn more each day. With a passion and authenticity with which sustainability is approached, it is certain to make a difference in the challenging years ahead.