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09 November 2021

See the work Hafod is doing to go net zero

See the work Hafod is doing to go net zero

As world leaders gather for COP26 in Glasgow, CHC is highlighting how housing associations across Wales are doing their bit to tackle the climate crisis.

Hafod’s climate strategy centres around educating and empowering residents and their local communities. It acknowledges that the biggest challenge being faced is how to change behaviours. The focus is to ensure everyone does their bit to reduce emissions as well as sign up to Hafod’s decarbonisation plans.

This strategy is underpinned by the widely held understanding that an estimated two-thirds of the reductions we need to make will have to come from different lifestyles and behaviours, rather than technology and building fabric. So while, for example, well-known behavioural concepts such as nudge theory and choice architecture appear to work well for some behaviours (such as organ donation and arrears management), they are less effective when applied to climate change.

As a result, Hafod’s Side-by-Side team – which focuses on research and innovation - has partnered with Hubbub and are working with the community of St Mellons, in Cardiff, to explore and learn about the types of community-based action that could be effective in helping residents reduce their carbon consumption.

Their aim is to empower residents to make change, following the principles of self-organisation, leadership and role-modelling. While this work is in its infancy, Hafod and Side-by-Side will soon be able to identify what has worked and what new, long-term measures could be implemented that would self-motivate communities to lead sustainable lives without intervention and further support.