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13 January 2020

Community Wellbeing project supporting people in Cardiff

Community Wellbeing project supporting people in Cardiff
A Community Wellbeing service by United Welsh is providing coordinated support to people across Cardiff.

Zarqa Hussain is a Senior Wellbeing Facilitator with United Welsh. She said:

“We know that there are many things that can affect the health and wellbeing of the people we support, from loneliness through to money worries or coping with a health condition.

“’Community Wellbeing creates a path of support for people to improve their situation and reach their goals through one-to-one guidance; introductions to local services or help with getting involved in social activities.

“We have relationships with over 100 community groups, service providers and interest groups throughout Cardiff, so we are well placed to connect people with local activities.

“’Community Wellbeing’ supports people across the city, including United Welsh tenants, and anyone can refer themselves to the service. Partner organisations can also make referrals on someone’s behalf.

Our team of Wellbeing Facilitators help people with a range of issues including:
  • Finding hobbies and interests to connect people with what they enjoy

  • Social worries such as housing, debt, benefit issues, work and family

  • Improving physical health

  • Reducing harmful habits such as drugs, alcohol, smoking or substance misuse

  • Low level mental health

  • Isolation and loneliness

The programme is delivered on behalf of Cardiff Council with funding from Welsh Government, and benefits from a Volunteering and Activities Facilitator employed by Cardiff Third Sector Council to recruit and support volunteers and partnership groups.

Find out more here: www.unitedwelsh.com/communitywellbeing