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17 December 2019

An Interview with . . . Shayoni Lynn

An Interview with . . . Shayoni Lynn
Audiences. Whether it’s tenants or politicians, we want to engage them. But do we know how? Shayoni Lynn, a behaviour change expert, will discuss the Nudge theory – what it is, why it matters, and what it could do for communications and marketing programmes at the Communications Conference 2020.

Summarise your session in one sentence.
Nudge your audiences towards more positive behaviours: understand the psychology of decision-making and what might be stopping your audiences from taking action.

What one measurement tool couldn’t you do without?
That’s a really hard question! I would go for Google Data Studio as it has multiple plugins to social media and other platforms to still be able to view an integrated report.

How important is it to measure the success of our comms?
Absolutely critical. It’s not just about measuring success but measuring and evaluating all our communications and campaigns – whether successful or not. Campaigns or outputs that don’t work can be really helpful in forecasting future work! We are unable to demonstrate our value as strategic communicators unless we are able to effectively and tangibly measure the impact of our work. And if we are unable to demonstrate our value, we are unable to ask for that raise, claim a seat at the board, or we simply become a postbox with multiple incoming requests that we are simply unable to say no to.

What will delegates get out of your session?
A better understanding of how audiences make decisions, the inherent cognitive biases we are all prone to, and how these can impact on decision-making. Nudge theory is about developing smarter, effective communications strategies at a lower cost, and with more respect for personal choice.

What are you looking forward to most at the Communications Conference?
I am excited to meet housing PR and comms pros from across the country and finding out more about your sector!

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