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02 March 2020

An interview with . . . Mike Glanville

An interview with . . . Mike Glanville
Mike Glanville is a former Assistant Chief Constable with Dorset Police, where he led on all aspects of adult and child safeguarding and the co-ordination and investigation of serious and major crim. He is now one of the founding Directors of One Team Logic, a safguarding company established in 2015. He knows the devastating impact serious safeguarding issues can have on people. At our Governance Conference 2020, he will be leading a workshop to explore the safeguarding responsibilities of board members and senior leaders. Read more about the session here:

Summarise your talk in one sentence:

During my session, I will be summarising the key safeguarding responsibilities for trustees and highlighting the critical importance of good governance in making sure that safeguarding in your organisation is effective.

You mention safeguarding responsibilities of Governors and Trustees, what does safeguarding in social housing mean in your opinion?

Tenants in social housing make up some of the most vulnerable members of society who can be at risk from a wide range of issues that might cause them harm. We know that a significant number of children and adults are at risk from abuse and neglect and very often those risks are most prevalent in the home. Housing Associations have a critical role to play in identifying safeguarding concerns at an early stage and working closely with the other statutory agencies to prevent harm and keep vulnerable people safe.

Trustee Boards of Housing Associations have a critical role to play in shaping the safeguarding culture of the organisation, developing robust strategies and holding the organisation to account when required. Effective safeguarding practice in any organisation starts with good governance and developing a strategic framework that enables trustees to manage their safeguarding responsibilities is essential.

What do you know about social housing?

Throughout my policing career I worked very closely with Housing Associations and Local Authority Housing Departments in the management of safeguarding and tackling crime and anti-social behaviour. I have some appreciation of the challenges that Housing Associations have when faced with safeguarding issues and the difficulties that they may come across when working with other agencies and multiple local authority areas. I’ve had the opportunity to meet with a number of Housing Associations (in England and Wales) and am reasonably informed on the systems and processes that are in place to manage safeguarding.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

In my free time, I choose to enjoy the beautiful Dorset countryside with my family and you will find me most weekends out hiking in the Purbecks and along the Jurassic Coast. I am also a self-confessed bookworm and enjoy getting lost in obscure second-hand bookshops for hours on end! In my younger days I played plenty of sport (especially rugby and cricket) but now (with dodgy knees) limit myself to watching Bath Rugby in the winter and Somerset CC during the summer.

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