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13 January 2020

An interview with . . . Lucy Proudfoot

An interview with . . . Lucy Proudfoot
Lucy Proudfoot will be joining us at this year’s Communications Conference to talk about how the successful behaviour change campaign Claremont Comms ran for Save the Children and the National Trust to target low-income families. Find out more about the session:

Summarise your session in one sentence.
An example of how Save the Children worked with their target audience to inform, design, plan and fine-tune a campaign strategy to improve child language development.

What one measurement tool couldn’t you do without?
The GCS (Government Communication Service) evaluation tool is a model we go back to time and time again.

There's no one tool we use as it depends so much on the process, product or context (e.g budget/practical factors) but we nearly always test things live with the audience and scale it up as we progress. This could mean carrying out surveys/ telephone interviews with people testing your product in the first instance, followed by a period of ethnographic research amongst users as you scale up the testing.

How important is it to measure the success of our comms?
This is an essential part of any campaign or project, it's our responsibility to demonstrate our worth and value for money to project investors.

It's also important that we feel as though we're working on something of substance, with purpose and not just wasting time. This highlights the need to get the metrics right in the first place (e.g. avoiding any vanity metrics).

However, it's critical that we measure everything, failures and successes. We must be transparent when things have gone wrong to prevent making the same mistakes in the future and throwing good money after bad. Where possible we try to foster an environment of 'safe to fail' and learn from mistakes, adapting as we go along.

What will delegates get out of your session?
Techniques for running a successful co-creation session with your target audience. The why and the how.

What are you looking forward to most at the Communications Conference?
Nothing beats learning through other people's lived experiences. I very much look forward to hearing from the other speakers and chatting to attendees.

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