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24 February 2020

An interview with . . . Ceri Victory-Rowe and Ian Walters

An interview with . . . Ceri Victory-Rowe and Ian Walters
Ceri Victory-Rowe from Campbell Tickell and Ian Walters from Welsh Government will be giving a joint session at Governance Conference 2020 about their experience working together to develop a new model for assessing the quality of governance in Welsh housing associations. Here they give us an insight into the session:

Summarise your session in one sentence.

We’ll be feeding back to the sector about the work we’ve been doing together to think about how the regulator assesses the quality of RSLs’ governance.

What one piece of advice would you give for good governance?

Ceri: Good governance is as much about people – culture, relationships, skills, attitudes, behaviours – as it is about process and structure. But the latter are more tangible and less emotive, we need to make sure they don’t get all the attention.

Ian: I agree, and it’s really important that sound governance arrangements support the purpose, values and culture of the organisation, not the other way round.

Why is it so important for housing associations to get governance right?

Governance practice stems from a set of fundamental legal (and moral) roles and responsibilities. At stake here ultimately is the safety and wellbeing of tenants (and the communities they live in), the effective use of public funds and the reputation of the whole sector. It’s really important we get these right.

What will delegates get out of your session?

They’ll get an opportunity to be the first to hear our latest thinking about a future model for assessing the quality of RSL governance – and how what the sector and other stakeholders have told us has shaped it. We’ll also explain what happens next.

What are you looking forward to most at the Governance Conference?

Ceri: As always, the opportunity to hear about the latest governance thinking and to meet up with others who are as passionate about governance as I am!

Ian: A chance to catch up with people I don’t see every day and to hear and think about things that will influence and improve regulation in the future.

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