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13 December 2019

An interview with . . . Andrew Bruce

An interview with . . . Andrew Bruce
Monitoring and evaluation is a big challenge for many communications teams, but crucial for demonstrating the impact of a campaign and showing value to senior teams. Andrew Bruce Smith, a specialist digital PR, SEO and analytics consultant with 32 years of experience will be sharing his tips on the best tools and techniques to support with monitoring, measuring and evaluation at our Communications Conference 2020.

Summarise your session in one sentence
Scoring and evaluation - I hope to give delegates an understanding of the latest global practice in research, planning and measurement, as well as how to set objectives linked to an organisation's goals and how to implement more effective PR measurement systems.

What one measurement tool couldn’t you do without?
Google Data Studio. This is a very powerful dashboard and data integration platform that allows you to bring together information from different sources to provide a more holistic picture of the true impact of PR and communications activity. And it’s free.

How important is it to measure the success of our comms?
Measurement is important for a whole host of reasons. The key one being that unless PR and comms can demonstrate real impact and value it will never get the attention and recognition of senior management and stakeholders in any organisation.

What will delegates get out of your session?
I hope to give people some practical advice that allows them to actually make a real difference to their approach to measurement. I think most people now understand what they ought to do – but actually doing it is another matter. The usual obstacles are time and money. But there are now so many free and inexpensive tools available that there is no excuse for not taking a more robust approach to PR measurement.

What are you looking forward to most at the Communications Conference?
Meeting lots of new people and being able to share insight and knowledge about how to measure PR more effectively.

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