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03 April 2020

Adapting employment support for tenants

Adapting employment support for tenants
Covid-19 is rapidly changing the world around us, and is having a profound impact on people’s jobs, communities and lives.

Housing associations in Wales support over 250,000 tenants in Wales, and during these uncertain times, they have adapted the services they offer to ensure tenants remain safe and secure in their homes. Ryan Hill is Customer Employment Manager with United Welsh, he explains how they are continuing to support tenants at this time.

“All of the team is now working remotely, but that doesn’t mean that the support we offer has stopped. Usually, we help people get into work with advice on job applications, training and upskilling tenants and covering childcare and travel costs in the short term to make it easier for tenants to get into work.

When the outbreak of Covid-19 started in Wales, we began reaching out to all the people we have supported into employment over the last year, offering advice and support on what might happen next.

We are also continuing to support people who are looking for work with the completion of application forms and CV building. Our work is tailored and adapted to each person on a case by case basis, so this could mean offering interview preparation sessions over the phone or signposting tenants to the Income and Money Advice team for specialist benefit support or advice on furlough.

Our tenants are obviously concerned about the financial situation and what might happen with their employment, but those currently looking for work also have concerns about the risk of accepting job opportunities and the potential exposure to the virus, so we have a vital role here in advising and supporting them through.”

If you are a United Welsh tenant and you are in need of support, call 0330 159 6080 (press 3) or visit the website https://www.unitedwelsh.com/forms/help-with-jobs-and-training/

Housing associations in Wales will be profiling the work they are doing to support tenants in Wales through a new campaign called 'With You'. Follow this campaign through CHC's Twitter page @CHCymru and searching for the hashtag #withyou