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21 November 2019

A fresh start for the tenants of Greenwood Close

A fresh start for the tenants of Greenwood Close
Homes for Wales was a 2015-2016 election campaign run by a coalition of organisations and led by CHC to end the housing crisis and build a stronger Wales. Since then, lots of new homes have been built including Newydd's Greenwood Close:

Joseph and Sophie, a young couple with their baby boy, Roman, are beaming as they sit in their new home on Greenwood Close in Twyn-yr-Odyn, near Wenvoe.

They are one of the many tenants who have recently moved into the development built for Newydd Housing Association. The scheme is in partnership with Vale of Glamorgan council and funded by the Welsh Government as well as private finance.

“I’m ecstatic!” Sophie laughs, bouncing her son in her arms as her partner Joseph adds, “We’ve been looking forward to this for a long time. It’s a lovely home and lovely location.”

Roman’s great-grandparents, Mr and Mrs Manfield, live a few doors away from Sophie and Joseph:

Mr Manfield expresses his delight, “The builders have done a lovely job of these homes. The help and attention we’ve had from Newydd has been outstanding. Deb, our Housing Officer, has become a friend, helping us and the entire family out every step of the way, and has made us feel very welcome.”

Paige lives a few doors away, she is six months pregnant and looks relieved to be moving in, “It’s been a rough few months. I’ve been homeless for over half a year and I can’t tell you how much this means to me. I can’t wait to settle my three-year-old daughter into her new home, get her into school, and then in a few months I’ll be welcoming a new member of the family into the world”.

Her next-door neighbours, Abbie, Blayne, and baby Hunter live next door:

“We’ve been living with parents, so it’s nice to get some independence. I’m really looking forward to decorating Hunter’s room. We’ve got it all planned out, it will look like a safari.”

Cheryl and her daughter have been bouncing around the estate since they arrived. Cheryl’s eyes are still tearful as she says, “Sorry, I haven’t stopped crying since I’ve got here. Nothing’s wrong, I’m just overwhelmed! This place is so special, the views are incredible. I plan on moving in and staying here tonight, my dad has brought his van and there’s another van on its way with all my things too.”

Greenwood Close is a scheme that Housing Officer, Debra Roberts, is very proud of, “There’s a great mix of people here and it looks like they’re all getting on already. It already feels like a neighbourhood, I wish them all every happiness for the future.”

Housing associations in Wales have a vision to make good housing like Greenwood Close a basic right for all by 2036. You can read more here.

In addition to Homes for Wales, loads has happened over the past 30 years. See our timeline here:

View the full timeline here (PDF)