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16 May 2017

5.1 Million Learning Days with 97% Effectiveness in a Year – Doable?

I’m looking forward to meeting you all at CHC’s HR, Learning and Development Conference next week to discuss current and future challenges for L&D and also to share an interesting story on our learning experience. How about a dialogue before that?

My statement: Every human being is unique.

My guess of your “Mind Voice”: Yes / Of course / I agree.

My statement: Every human being is a learner.

My guess of your “Mind Voice”: Yes / May be / May not be

My statement: Every learner’s requirement is unique.

My guess of your “Mind Voice”: Could be, but, we can’t be looking at every learner’s requirement when designing programmes. It would be ages before we deliver a programme meeting every learner’s requirement.

My statement: If there is an example of 300,000+ people in an organisation spread across the globe which has recorded 5.1 million learning days with 97% effectiveness as per the feedback provided by learners, what would your reaction be?

My guess of your “Mind Voice”: You must be kidding / Learners across the Globe? / 5.1 million learning days in a year!!! / 300,000+ people, is this a virtual university or something?

My statement: Let’s get ready to see, discuss and understand if this is real or ‘reel’ during CHC’s HR and L&D Conference on 23/24 May at the Village Hotel, Swansea.

See you next week!

There’s still time to book your place at CHC’s conference – click here to see the programme and to book your place. https://chcymru.org.uk/en/events/view/2017-hr-and-ld-conference
Swarna Sudha S
- Head of Talent Development for UK & Ireland, Tata Consultancy