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Our governance

Our board sets the strategic direction of the organisation, and works with our Senior Management Group to do so.

We are accountable to our members and we work to secure change and to influence their operating environment. Our board holds us to account to ensure that we appropriately represent their diverse views.

Our chair is independent and does not work for one of our members. Our board consists of 12 people from both inside and outside of the housing association sector.

Board members are appointed based on their skills and are formally elected at our annual general meeting (AGM). Their initial term is 3 years with the opportunity to stand for a further 3 after that.

Board meetings are held quarterly (currently virtually) with two additional strategic sessions also held during the year.

A full induction is offered to new board members and a board buddying programme is in place.

Become a board member

Please check our Jobs page for all CHC Board vacancies. Future vacancies will be advertised on Housing Jobs Wales.

As a dedicated and enthusiastic regeneration practitioner, the social housing sector is an area of particular interest. Becoming a board member of Community Housing Cymru is an excellent way of getting involved in the sector and learning more. Throughout my career, in both local government and the voluntary sector, I have been driven to make a difference to communities and people’s lives and I am passionate about supporting people and organisations. I am really looking forward to working with CHC’s board and the executive team.
Lesley Kirkpatrick, CEO of Techniquest, Cardiff, and CHC board member
When I saw the advert for CHC board members, I was very excited. I knew it would be an opportunity to work alongside some of the housing sector’s most creative and passionate professionals. I was not disappointed! The discussion on the board is thought provoking and challenging, but there is a common goal shared by the board members.

We are supporting an organisation that is vital to shaping the future of Welsh housing policy and creating innovative solutions to some of society’s biggest challenges. The culture at CHC is one that I am equally proud to be part of. The work and team ethos is strong and evident throughout the organisation. It is a culture that I have learnt from and am keen to emulate. Indeed, being part of the CHC board has allowed me a voice to challenge and offer opinion, but equally and more importantly, allowed me the opportunity to listen, learn and reflect on thought-provoking discussion and debate. The supportive CHC board and Senior Management Group have given me the opportunity to grow both professionally and personally and I look forward to future debate.