Housing Horizons

Community Housing Cymru (CHC) is the umbrella body for all housing associations in Wales - the “go to” organisation on everything concerning affordable housing and the people who rely on our members for support and a place to live.

We are also uniquely placed to offer innovative solutions to support and champion their ambitions. Our expertise in campaigning and lobbying enables us to challenge decision makers within Wales and beyond.

It is against this backdrop we and members are writing #TheNextChapter – by exploring and mapping out the key challenges, risks and opportunities to face our sector over the next 20 years. We also want to establish what success will look like and how to measure it.

Our driving force is the desire to:

Our Homes for Wales campaign was launched in the run up to the May, 2016, elections to the National Assembly for Wales.

CHC, our members and partners called on the next Welsh Government to launch an ambitious plan to tackle the chronic shortage of affordable housing.

In December, at our Annual Conference, Carl Sargeant, the Cabinet Secretary with the responsibility for housing, signed an historic and ground breaking Housing Supply Pact with us and the Welsh Local Government Association.

The pact is a commitment to deliver 20,000 new affordable homes by 2021. They will be a mix of social housing and properties offered under “Help-to-Buy” schemes. Atleast 12,500 - will be built or provided by our members.

This historic agreement acknowledges the key role of housing associations in the Welsh economy.

They look after people in need of somewhere affordable to live - they house some of the most vulnerable in society, whose complex and varied needs require specialist support - they build homes for people who require extra help to buy their own place.

They are also about so much more – offering a wide range of services including specialist advice and support, training and employment opportunities for tenants, their families and local communities.

The economic impact of housing associations is highlighted by the latest figures which reveal that nearly 90p in every £1 they spend stays in Wales.

In the Autumn of 2016 we turned the page on #TheNextChapter with three simple questions:

  1. What do people think they know about housing associations?
  2. What will the social housing sector look like in 2036?
  3. How can we influence policy within Welsh and UK Government?

From this starting point we want to set a vision for housing associations in Wales in 20 years’ time.

We have opened up the decision making process to gather as many different views as possible. It is a tall order – and a major consultation - however we want the opinions of as many people as possible to shape a sector ready and able to deliver the homes, neighbourhoods and investment needed in 20 years’ time.

You can help Create the Narrative by thinking about:

Who will we house in 2036?

What services will we provide?

What is our offer to the communities in which we operate?

What will the workforce look like and what skills will they need?

What will the leadership look and behave like?

What will our relationships be like with Welsh and UK Government?

Details of how to get involved will be advertised on this page and social media, @chcymru and facebook.com/chcymru

The draft report will be published for consultation in late summer before “Housing Horizons – the vision for 2036” is launched at our members' Annual Conference before Christmas, 2017.