Edwina O’Hart

Assistant Director of Communications and Member Services

Tel: 029 2067 4808

Email: edwina-ohart@chcymru.org.uk

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What are your main responsibilities at CHC?

Raising the profile of CHC and the sector, planning and implementing CHC’s PR strategy, dealing with the media, coordinating the PR campaign …

What is the best thing about working at CHC?

The mix of people

If you could be a superhero, who would you be and why?  

Supergirl, I travel home to Ireland a lot so being able to fly would save me a lot of time and money.

Who do you most admire?

My mum, she had 5 kids under 9 and still worked full time.

What is the first album / CD you bought?

The Cranberries, Everyone else is doing it so why can’t we?

What has been your proudest moment in your life so far?  

They’ve changed over the years. My first one was coming first in a talent competition and winning £100 and a massive trophy. Aged 13, that was a lot of money!

If you could have dinner with one famous person, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Tiger Woods. I’d like to find out the truth about his infidelities and why he did it having such a beautiful wife and family. I also ask him about his handling of it – and how he thinks that by disappearing off the face of the planet, that people will forget about it!

Describe yourself in three words.

Outgoing, loyal and trustworthy.